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"The saying “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get” definitely rings true when rescuing a dog from a shelter. I have had my beloved Sadie for 3 years, a beautiful Pitt mix that was on death row in a Chula Vista Shelter. I have had dogs my whole life and Sadie was not my first Pitt however I was a bit naïve about this girl. Luciana Fruenkel and her amazing OC Pack have been my saving grace! The socialization, training and structure she and her amazing husband Cass provide have made all the difference in my beloved Sadie. After finishing training I was still faced with the problem of working long hours with a young anxious dog. Being able to have Sadie picked up and dropped off is such wonderful plus. The OC Pack has provided the support, guidance and the continued training Sadie needs. Luciana also offers services such as Rattle Snake training and E-collar training which has proven to be extremely necessary when dealing with a large young dog. But it is also about the trust and caring the OC Pack provides, having someone as knowledgeable as Luciana looking after your dog routinely makes the long hours I work bearable."

Joan W. & Sadie

"The OC Pack has been a huge part of our dog's life since he was a puppy! We have a very high energy, high drive border collie who needs a lot of attention, and Luciana really helped us work through some of that. He went from being really scared of other dogs as a puppy to very confident and social in a matter of weeks. It's hard to trust someone you just met to care for your young dog, but I know when Winston is there he is having not only having fun, but not getting away with anything (behaviorally) that we wouldn't allow at home. They socialize, train and really do love on your dogs which is rare to find in a day care sort of situation. They are kind, trustworthy, and honest people who will absolutely make your life so much easier. They have been a huge God send for us and our

pup. Thank you OC Pack, we are clients for life!"

Megan M. & Winston

"The OC Pack is where families and Dogs come together. We wouldn’t trust our T-bone with anyone but The OC Pack family. The OC Pack is a family run organization with a love for all dogs that has shinned thoroughly in the years we have experienced with them. It’s not just a doggy day care where they let the dogs run wild, but a more controlled environment allowing all the dogs to interact and learn to interact with each other. Along with training and help with at home behavioral problems. T-bone loves to go and see his friends twice a week. We are so grateful that we have found The OC Pack."

Scott W, Suzie W. & T-Bone

"I highly recommend the OC pack for all your dog walking needs. I have known Luciana for quite a while and she is extremely knowledgeable and really cares for all her pups! I trust her implicitly with any of my dogs in any situation."


Amber W. & Beau

"One of the most challanging things I've ever done was rescue my beloved Sadie. A broken pit bull mix who after 18 months of Ryan our KNine Guru who's expert training and support has blessed me with Luciana who is lovingly caring for Sadie weekly for me while I work long hours. It truly takes a village and with the love and support of you both Sadie has blossomed. Sadie now has her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) still taking classes and being supported with Luciana's talented and loving attention. The magic you two possess and the knowledge you share with dog owners like myself who love the breed is priceless. You are our Pack and oh how luck we are!"


Lucy B & Sadie

"Two of the most compassionate people you will ever meet. Great with the dogs and even better, Great with their owners."


Ron P. & Sailor

"Having 4 pit mixes limits what I can do..... until now. Luciana has changed my life. I trust only 2 other people with my dogs, Luciana is one and Ryan is the other. She can handle all 4 of my dogs no matter what other challenge could possibly come her way.  Her close to 2 year experience with Cesar at the DPC has given her great insight to the mind and personalities of all dogs. I highly recommend Luciana for any rescue or breed of dogs!!!"


Gayle G. & Spu, Juju, Lilly & KK

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